Sexy Halloween Costumes – What Themes Are Available?

Sexy Halloween costumes seem to be a staple for women on Halloween. Usually, it doesn’t really matter who wears sexy costumes at this time of year, but the women who are the most comfortable wearing them are usually the ones who get the spotlight – hands down.

Now, several sexy costume themes exist that you can take a look at. First of all, there is the famous Disney characters theme that consists of the likes of Tinkerbell, Snow White and Cinderella, all of which have sexy Halloween costume versions of themselves available for you to wear. Why, even the Little Mermaid has sexy adult costumes catering to her aquatic self that you can pull off at any party.

Then, there is the holiday theme. Although Halloween is already a holiday, you can still bring Christmas to the forefront if you’d like and wear sexy Halloween costumes based on Santa and his helpers. If you want to look into the animal theme, you can also find sexy costumes with animal prints, most of which usually exist in bikini versions. With them, you can turn into a tigress, lioness, ladybug or glowworm in no time at all. If you aren’t comfortable in a bikini, though, then opt for a one-piece suit in these prints instead; either way, you are sure to make heads turn at any party when wearing one of them.

Practically any kind of existing Halloween costume can be altered, really, to add a naughty streak to it. With so many costumes available, you can get any regular costume altered by playing with its hemline or neckline to make it look all the more stunning on you. Some sexy adult costumes would include doctors, sailors, nurses, school girls and teachers. Other interesting Halloween costumes that can be turned sexy and that you probably didn’t think of that way would be jungle girl costumes, Indian Princess costumes and prison outfits.

If you have blonde hair, then you can just dress up like Marilyn Monroe and you’ll have men swarming at your feet in no time. In fact, any outfit from the 1960s or 1970s should do that trick, too. You can also turn a go-go girl dress into a sexy costume. In fact, the prints and colors of the latter can even add an extra oomph. Regardless of which sexy Halloween costumes you choose, though, you also need to pick out the right accessories to further enhance them – remember that. Use your imagination.

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Clean Up With This French Maid Sexy Adult Costume

If you’re looking to break hearts, cause jaws to drop and make other women jealous this Halloween, then you simply can’t go wrong with the French Maid sexy adult costume!

This piece is certainly a favorite in my Halloween wardrobe collection. Other trends might come and go, but going as a sexy French Maid is a costume staple that will make you stand out from any Halloween crowd. Don’t bother bringing your purse with you when you wear this seductive ensemble, because guys will be falling over themselves in their attempts to buy you a drink!

As soon as you take the French Maid sexy adult costume out of its packaging, you’ll feel as though you’re a completely different person. As you step into your fishnet pantyhose, you’ll start to feel more flirtatious and bubbly. Once you feel the silken cloth and white netting against your skin, you’ll whisper a little prayer for the men of the world, because once they get an eyeful of your sultry Halloween costume, they won’t be able to get you off of their minds!

Black patent heels make the perfect addition to this coquettish Halloween costume — and don’t forget to get your hands on a black choker to take your flirty outfit to the next level! Once you add the final touch to your sexy French Maid adult costume — your feather duster — you’ll feel like a completely different person!

While there’s no doubt that you’re super-sexy year round, there’s just something about putting on the French Maid costume that catapults your sexiness to the next level. Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes — but when it comes to a staple outfit that is guaranteed to cause jaws to drop, then nothing even comes close to the French Maid costume. Ever wonder why the French maid remains a popular figure for fantasies? You’ll suddenly realize why once you slip on this slinky outfit, since you’ll be at the center of attention no matter where you go.

Don’t let this Halloween pass by with another boring costume hanging in your closet. Why not wear something that you’ll actually enjoy — and others will too! — by wearing the French Maid sexy adult costume? No matter what age, size or shape you may be, you’ll feel yourself transforming into a sultry flirt who does the housecleaning by day…and who else knows by night!

It’s like when ordinary citizens slip on superhero costumes and suddenly become Batman, Wonder Woman or Spiderman. Their lives completely change, and they’re suddenly capable of doing things that they never thought possible before. You’ll realize this kind of change is possible in your own life…

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Why Do Women Want to Wear Sexy Halloween Costumes?

Open a magazine, turn on a TV, read the newspaper and you will invariably find an article calling someone “sexy”. Sexy has become the it word of the decade. So, what is considered sexy in our culture?

Sexy is a relative term – sexy is relative to the environment, to the occasion, to roles, and to the other people present in a situation. Imagine walking onto a college campus and looking at female professors and female students. Clearly, female students can wear clothing that female professors couldn’t get away with wearing. If the student wore a midriff-baring top, they would be accepted, considered sexy, and probably admired. If the professor wore the same top, she would be considered as dressing inappropriately – as being too sexy. If the student wore skin tight jeans, a skimpy top or a deep cut neckline, she might be pushing the edge of acceptable, but she wouldn’t be considered too sexy for the situation.

If the teacher wore any of those things, she would be too sexy for her role. So sexy is “role” related and role defined. Sexy is definitely related to the environment and to the role people are playing – teacher or student, for example. Sexy is also relative to the occasion and the location. The same student and female teacher could both get away with more provocative clothing if they were at a dance club, rather than in a teaching environment. And the amount of “detectable” cleavage would, on average, increase substantially in this night life environment. So what is sexy and what is acceptable varies considerably based on the environment.

In a dance club or bar, a woman will increase the various elements of sexy dressing in order to stand out as more sexy than others. What are these elements? Clearly, depth of the neckline is a major element in being considered sexy. The more cleavage showing, the sexier it is considered. But not always! This is only true if the observers think the cleavage is appropriate. On a shapely twenty-something, cleavage is a plus on the sexy scale. On a less shapely mid-aged woman, this is likely to be viewed as too much, and definitely not sexy.

What other elements make an outfit sexy? I looked at Yahoo answers where seven women answered the question, “What is the sexiest outfit you own? While one thought an expensive short black dress with her Manolo’s won, others felt that it was any outfit that boosts their self-confidence. Several mentioned boots, leather mini skirts, stilettos, or dark skinny jeans that boosts their bums. If you asked a man what he considered sexy in a woman, he might mention visible body parts rather than the actual clothing. We’ve talked about sexy being relative to the role and to the environment, but it is also relative to the occasion. A child’s birthday party would certainly have stricter limits. In fact, in a child centered gathering, it would be considered inappropriate to be overly sexy. Women would attempt to be stylish but not necessarily sexy. However, at a cocktail party, women would definitely try to be sexy. The dress, the shoes, the makeup would all be geared at giving a sexy image.

So, how does all this come together when women are getting dressed for a fantasy occasion such as Halloween? Women use this as a way of letting loose, of giving their imagination free reign, for acting as someone they might not feel comfortable acting like in their daily lives. A women might be defined as a mother, as a wife, as a teacher in their daily life. Those are roles and all roles have limitations and expectations. Women can get tired of those expectations. They can get tired of being what other people want them to be. They can be bored with being responsible, with being the soccer mom, with being Johnie’s Mom, with being the third grade teacher – they want to go back to their dreams of being a carefree, young, desirable women. With being sexy. With being fun. With being the opposite of responsible.

So, women love to wear sexy Halloween costumes so that they can return to their past, return to their dreams, and once more be the sexy woman they have always had inside. They strip their roles, and put on their sexy Pirate costume, or they put on the sexy Playboy costume and they become that woman – they become the sexy pirate. They become Miss October. They become everything that is fun in their personalities. So Halloween is a wonderful time for exploding out of societies expectation and returning to the fun woman they hold inside of themselves.

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